Release Date
24 May 2017

Set Configuration:
83 Base cards
5 Cards per pack
24 Packs per box
12 Boxes per case
8500 Boxes

The release date for the Final Edition of the James Bond Archives trading cards appeared on the 22nd of March 2017 on the Rittenhouse webpage. With a time span of only six months, the fans didn't have enough time to complete the previous trading card set. The eighty-three base cards are completely devoted to the 2002 blockbuster "Die Another Day". I don't know why, but it's the second time that Rittenhouse releases a trading card set for "Die Another Day". The first throwback chase set is a thirty-six card displaying the 1981 blockbuster "For Your Eyes Only", the first movie directed by John Glenn. The second throwback is "Octopussy" were Bond has to prevent a nuclear war and the last chase set is "A View To A Kill", the last movie with Roger Moore as James Bond. The complete checklist was online on the 1st of May, about three weeks before the release. A few days later the first card pre-sells popped-up on eBay with never seen before price tags, see some listings here below.

I guess the main reason for the high price is the Sean Connery cut autographs. Sean is not the person that jumps to sign cards for Rittenhouse, so in order to produce cards with an autograph of Sean Connery; Rittenhouse bought some items that have been signed by Sean in the past. The autographs were cut from that item and inserted into the cards. From there the name cut autographs. A complete master set holds three hundred and eighty seven cards including a Sean Connery cut autograph.

There are three promotion cards to collect, P1 displaying a picture of Jinx wearing here dark red leather cat suit, P2 is James Bond during his training session in "Die Another Day" and the P3 again displaying Jinx in an action scène. The promotion card P3 is only available when purchasing the binder

“The Promotion Cards”

P1 P2 P3

The counter display box is finished in silver grey only displaying the title "James Bond Archives Trading Cards Final Edition", mentioning a "Die Another Day" base set and the bonus sets that can be found. As always each box includes two autograph cards. A box holds twenty-four packs each containing five randomly selected cards. The design for the wrapper just follows the box design.

Counter Display Box

“Throwback Cards”

The James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017 trading card set features three extensive bonus sets that require multiple cases to complete. There are throwback sets that retell the stories of "For Your Eyes Only", "Octopussy" and "A View To A Kill" with only 36, 32, and 30 cards each. The three throwback sets in the James Bond Archives Final Edition trading cards are well-written, but James Bond trading card collectors are likely to feel like they are getting less for their money on the throwback sets in this Final Edition. As I mentioned in the page on the "James Bond Archives 2015" that it was still a long way to go for covering all the James Bond movies in the throwback style, well today Rittenhouse did it. The list below shows the release date of the cards and the movies covered in full colour or black & white. "Die Another Day" can be found in the throwback style and as a regular card set issued during the movie premiere in 2002.

  • November 2004
"Die Another Day" Full Color
  • May 2012
"Dr. No" B/W
  • November 2012
"From Russia With Love" B/W
  • October 2013
"SkyFall" Full Color
  • October 2013
"Goldfinger" B/W
  • October 2014
"Casino Royale" Full Color
  • October 2014
"Thunderball" B/W
  • October 2014
"Live And Let Die" B/W
  • October 2014
"Tomorrow Never Dies" Full Color
  • June 2015
"Quantum Of Solace" Full Color
  • June 2015
"You Only Live Twice" B/W
  • June 2015
"The Spy Who Loved Me" B/W
  • June 2015
"GoldenEye" Full Color
  • April 2016
"On Her Majestys Secret Service" B/W
  • April 2016
"The Man With The Golden Gun" Full Color
  • April 2016
"The World Is Not Enough" Full Color
  • April 2016
"Licence To Kill" Full Color
  • November 2016
"Diamonds Are Forever" B/W
  • November 2016
"Moonraker" Full Color
  • November 2016
"The Living Daylights" Full Color
  • November 2016
"SPECTRE" Full Color
  • May 2017
"Die Another Day" Full Color
  • May 2017
"For Your Eyes Only" Full Color
  • May 2017
"Octopussy" Full Color
  • May 2017
"A View To A Kill" Full Color

“Golden Parallel Cards”

Two per box there are gold parallel cards for the "Die Another Day" basic set. The gold parallel set is limited to only 250 of each of the cards. The gold parallel cards are a particularly boring parallel card; they are distinguished from the basic versions of their cards by limited gold foil lettering for the title on the front of each card and an individual foil-stamped number on the back, at the bottom of the card. To me these parallel cards are much too expensive and there is no additional quality to them.

"Die Another Day" Gold Parallel Card
Gold Parallel Card Reverse

“Expansion Cards”

“The Complete SPECTRE”

Now it's the moment to complete some missing cards, Rittenhouse designed twenty-four expansion cards to update the previous card sets. With only one expansion card per box it will be difficult to get you're missing cards. The first expansion set is nine SPECTRE cards to add to "The Complete James Bond" trading card set. When you place the cards in the famous nine-pocket sleeves, then the reverse composes a nine-card puzzle of the original movie poster. The new cards are numbered from #208 thru #216, following the numbers were the last set ended.

208 209 210
211 212 213
214 215 216

“James Bond Archives”

The second addition is a six card set holding three "SkyFall" and three "SPECTRE" cards. The cards are numbered from #67 thru #72. The cards are an expansion to the first "James Bond Archives" issued in 2009.

67 68 69
70 71 72

“James Bond Heroes & Villains”

The third expansion is a three card set to complete your "James Bond Heroes & Villains" trading card set. This card set was issued in 2010 and already got an update in 2015 and now to finalise they added three "SPECTRE" cards, Daniel Craig as James Bond, Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann and Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. The cards are numbered as #88 thru #90.

“Bond Girls Are Forever”

The fourth expansion is three Bond Girls from the latest James Bond movie "SPECTRE". The girls are numbered from #BG76 thru #BG78 and displaying the beautiful Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann, Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra and Stephanie Sigman as Estrella. A devoted a complete page to the lovely Bond Girls; check out the "Bond Girls Are Forever".

BG076 BG077 BG078

“James Bond Villains”

The list of villains is already counting eighty-three cards, to make things complete, Rittenhouse had to add three villains from "SPECTRE". Numbered as #F84 thru #F86 the cards are displaying Blofeld, Mr. Hinx and Max Denbigh. The list below gives us an indication of where to retrieve all our "Bond Villains".

  • 2004
The Quotable James Bond F01-F20
  • 2006
Dangerous Liaisons F21-F40
  • 2007
The Complete James Bond In Motion F41
  • 2008
James Bond In Motion F42-F63
  • 2009
James Bond Archives F64-F67
  • 2010
James Bond Heroes & Villains F68-F70
  • 2011
James Bond Mission Logs F71-F81
  • 2014
James Bond Archives 2014 Edition F82-F83
  • 2017
James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017 F84-F86

F84 F85 F86

“The Autograph Cards”

Seven new autograph cards in the 40th Anniversary style to update your huge 40th Anniversary card collection, still missing the following cards (A291 and A294). Two autograph cards in the Women Of Bond style, also here there is still a gap for card WA48. Card WA56 is signed by Yvonne Shima and only available when purchasing eighteen boxes. Forty-four full bleed autographs and three auto/ costume cards. The last autograph card is a gold signature card signed by Tanya Roberts. Full bleed card XXX-026 "Blanche Ravalec" was announced in the first checklist but didn't make it in the final checklist. The autograph cards can be found by two in a box.

“40th Anniversary & Women Of Bond Style”

A223 A224
A267 A283
WA54 WA56 (18-Case)

“Full Bleed Style”

XXX-001 XXX-002 XXX-003
XXX-004 XXX-005 XXX-006
XXX-007 XXX-008 XXX-009
XXX-010 XXX-011 XXX-012
XXX-013 XXX-014 XXX-015
XXX-016 XXX-017 XXX-018
XXX-019 XXX-020 XXX-021
XXX-022 XXX-023 XXX-024
XXX-025 XXX-026 XXX-027
XXX-028 XXX-029 XXX-030
XXX-031 XXX-032 XXX-033
XXX-034 XXX-035 XXX-036
XXX-037 XXX-038 XXX-039
XXX-040 XXX-041 XXX-042
XXX-043 XXX-044 XXX-045

“Autograph & Costume Cards”

XXX-046 XXX-047
XXX-048 XXX-049

“Relic Cards”

Again two types of relic cards (landscape & portrait). The landscape cards are very limited, especially card MR10 with only 91 printed cards is a difficult one to get your hands on. The cards printed in portrait style are relics from the first three Daniel Craig movies "Casino Royale", "Quantum Of Solace" and "Skyfall". The relic cards can be found in 1/144 packs or just one card in six boxes.

MR07 (200) MR08 (160) MR09 (185)
MR10 (91) MR11 (155)

PR21 (200) PR22 (200) PR23 (200)
PR24 (200) PR25 (200) PR26 (200)
PR27 (200) PR28 (200) PR29 (200)
  PR30 (200)  

“Metal Cards”

This set of twelve cards completes the Metal Movie Poster set that begun in the 2016 James Bond Archives trading card set. The metal cards can be found in 1/72 packs. The numbering follows the previous issued cards and begins at #M13 for "Octopussy" and ends with #M24 for "SPECTRE". An alternative movie poster from "Die Another Day" can be found as a case topper when purchasing one case. The card is numbered as CT1.

M13 M14 M15
M16 M17 M18
M19 M20 M21
M22 M23 M24

“Double-Sided Mirror Cards”

The double sided mirror cards were introduced with the "James Bond Classics" trading cards. This new type of card, a sort of flexible plexi is a hard series to complete because you could only find one card in one-hundred and forty-four packs (1/144). To complete your missing cards, Rittenhouse issued the following numbers M3 "Goldfinger", M6 "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", M9 "The Man With The Golden Gun", M12 "For Your Eyes Only", M15 "The Living Daylights", M18 "Tomorrow Never Dies",M21 " Casino Royale" and M24 "SPECTRE". This time the cards are easier to find because they are randomly inserted in only 1/72 per pack. Good luck hunting Mr. Bond.

“Front View”

M03 M06 M09
M12 M15 M18
M21 M24

“Reverse View”

M03 M06 M09
M12 M15 M18
M21 M24

“Case Toppers”

The Case Topper card CT1 comes as a bonus when purchasing one case. The card is a variation to the "Die Another Day" metal poster card. The 6-Case incentive is a gold autograph card signed in person by Maud Adams as "Octopussy". The 9-case incentive card is signed by the late Sir Christopher Lee pointing his little golden gun to James Bond.


“Archive Box Incentive Cards”

An archive box comes as a bonus when purchasing eighteen cases, what is so special to the archive box of the "James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017"? Each archive box comes with a Sean Connery cut autograph card and an autograph card in the Women Of Bond style personally signed by Yvonne Shima, the card is numbered as WA56. Below some examples of the Sean Connery cut autograph cards, the card WA56 is added in the autograph section.

Connery Cut Autograph Connery Cut Autograph
Connery Cut Autograph Connery Cut Autograph
Cut Autograph Reverse WA56 Yvonne Shima

Prices for a single cut autograph are breath taking, here below a listing from eBay. This seller make a great profit, the card was sold for 1210,32 EURO. To me the fare is much too high!

“Binder & Case”

Rittenhouse created a three-ring binder only displaying the title of the trading card collection. A bit flew for a James Bond card collection; they should have done better here. The binder is large enough to hold and protect your precious cards. As a bonus when purchasing the binder, you receive the promotion card P3 displaying a picture of Jinx in action.

"James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017 Exclusive Binder"

If your wallet can afford to purchases one or more cases, then just go for it. Each case holds twelve boxes, each box has twenty-four packs each holding five cards. This makes a total of 1440 cards per case.

"James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017 Case holding 12 boxes"

Check List:
Base Cards
[ ] 01 -83 "Die Another Day" Plot Synopsis cards
"For Your Eyes Only" Throwback Cards (1:9 packs)
[ ] 01 -36 "For Your Eyes Only" Plot Synopsis cards
“Octopussy” Throwback Cards (1:9 packs)
[ ] 01 -32 "Octopussy" Plot Synopsis cards
“A View To A Kill” Throwback Cards (1:9 packs)
[ ] 01 -30 "A View To A Kill" Plot Synopsis cards
"Die Another Day" Gold Parallel Cards (1:12 packs)
[ ] 01 -83 "Die Another Day" Sequentially Numbered #100
Relic Cards (1:144 packs)
[ ] MR07 Palio de Siena Scarf from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] MR08 Opera Invitation from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] MR09 La Clinica Alvarez Admissions Documents - Jinx from "Die Another Day"
[ ] MR10 Rubyeon Royale Hotel Card from "Die Another Day"
[ ] MR11 Opera Program and Gift Bag (Dual Relic) from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] PR21 James Bond's Jacket from "Casino Royale"
[ ] PR22 James Bond's Shirt from "Casino Royale"
[ ] PR23 James Bond's Suit from "Casino Royale"
[ ] PR24 James Bond's Suit from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] PR25 Camille's Shirt from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] PR26 James Bond's Shirt from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] PR27 Silva's Police Jacket from "Skyfall"
[ ] PR28 Moneypenny's Jacket from "Skyfall"
[ ] PR29 M's Overcoat from "Skyfall"
[ ] PR30 James Bond's Hunting Jacket from "Skyfall"
Metal and Mirror Cards (1:72 packs)
[ ] M13 "Octopussy"
[ ] M14 "A View To A Kill"
[ ] M15 "The Living Daylights"
[ ] M16 "Licence To Kill"
[ ] M17 "GoldenEye"
[ ] M18 "Tomorrow Never Dies"
[ ] M19 "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] M20 "Die Another Day"
[ ] M21 "Casino Royale"
[ ] M22 "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] M23 "Skyfall"
[ ] M24 "SPECTRE"
[ ] MM03 James Bond and Auric Goldfinger from "Goldfinger"
[ ] MM06 James Bond and Blofeld from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
[ ] MM09 James Bond and Scaramanga from "The Man with the Golden Gun"
[ ] MM12 James Bond and Aris Kristatos from "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] MM15 James Bond and General Koskov from "The Living Daylights"
[ ] MM18 James Bond and Elliot Carver from "Tomorrow Never Dies"
[ ] MM21 James Bond and Le Chiffre from "Casino Royale"
[ ] MM24 James Bond and Blofeld from "SPECTRE"
Spectre/SkyFall Expansions (1:24 packs)
[ ] 208 The Complete James Bond - James Bond
[ ] 209 The Complete James Bond - M
[ ] 210 The Complete James Bond - Q
[ ] 211 The Complete James Bond - Moneypenny
[ ] 212 The Complete James Bond - SPECTRE
[ ] 213 The Complete James Bond - Blofeld
[ ] 214 The Complete James Bond - Mr. Hinx
[ ] 215 The Complete James Bond - Dr. Madeleine Swann
[ ] 216 The Complete James Bond - Lucia Sciarra
[ ] 67 James Bond Archives - James Bond (Skyfall)
[ ] 68 James Bond Archives - M (Skyfall)
[ ] 69 James Bond Archives - Silva (Skyfall)
[ ] 70 James Bond Archives - James Bond (SPECTRE)
[ ] 71 James Bond Archives - Dr. Madeleine Swann (SPECTRE)
[ ] 72 James Bond Archives - Blofeld (SPECTRE)
[ ] 88 James Bond Heroes & Villains - James Bond
[ ] 89 James Bond Heroes & Villains - Dr. Madeleine Swann
[ ] 90 James Bond Heroes & Villains - Blofeld
[ ] BG76 Bond Girls Are Forever - Dr. Madeleine Swann
[ ] BG77 Bond Girls Are Forever - Lucia Sciarra
[ ] BG78 Bond Girls Are Forever - Estrella
[ ] F84 Bond Villains - Blofeld (SPECTRE)
[ ] F85 Bond Villains - Mr. Hinx (SPECTRE)
[ ] F86 Bond Villains - Max Denbigh (SPECTRE)
Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)
[ ] A155 Daniel Craig as James Bond from "Quantum Of Solace"
[ ] A223 Roger Moore as James Bond from "Moonraker"
[ ] A224 Roger Moore as James Bond from "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] A225 Roger Moore as James Bond from "A View to a Kill"
[ ] A267 Femi Gardiner as Harem Girl from "The Living Daylights"
[ ] A284 Ben Whishaw as Q from "Skyfall"
[ ] A297 George Roubicek as Gemini 16 Astronaut from "You Only Live Twice"
[ ] WA54 Naomie Harris as Moneypenny from "Skyfall"
[ ] xxx-01 Roger Moore as James Bond from "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] xxx-02 George Lazenby as James Bond from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
[ ] xxx-03 Judi Dench as M from "Skyfall"
[ ] xxx-04 Halle Berry as Jinx from "Die Another Day"
[ ] xxx-05 Richard Kiel as Jaws from "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] xxx-06 Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx from "SPECTRE"
[ ] xxx-07 Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova from "From Russia With Love"
[ ] xxx-08 Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann from "SPECTRE"
[ ] xxx-09 Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin from "Tomorrow Never Dies"
[ ] xxx-10 Jane Seymour as Solitaire from "Live And Let Die"
[ ] xxx-11 Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] xxx-12 Berenice Marlohe as Severine from "Skyfall"
[ ] xxx-13 Rory Kinnear as Tanner from "Skyfall"
[ ] xxx-14 Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight from "The Man With The Golden Gun"
[ ] xxx-15 Carl McCrystal as Trukhin from "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] xxx-16 Christopher Bowen as Commander Richard Day from "Tomorrow Never Dies"
[ ] xxx-17 Christopher Neame as Fallon from "Licence To Kill"
[ ] xxx-18 Rachel Grant as Peaceful Fountains of Desire from "Die Another Day"
[ ] xxx-19 Shane Rimmer as Captain Carter from "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] xxx-20 Rufus Wright as Treasury Agent from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] xxx-21 Anthony Forrest as Bomb Disposal Officer from "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] xxx-22 John Wyman as Eric Kreigler from "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] xxx-23 Tom Chadbon as Stockbroker from "Casino Royale"
[ ] xxx-24 Deborah Moore as Flight Attendant from "Die Another Day"
[ ] xxx-25 Caroline Bliss as Moneypenny from "The Living Daylights"
[ ] xxx-26
[ ] xxx-27 Alkis Kritikos as Santos from "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] xxx-28 Jesus Ochoa as Lt. Orso from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] xxx-29 Diana Lee-Hsu as Loti from "Licence To Kill"
[ ] xxx-30 Lawrence Makoare as Mr. Kil from "Die Another Day"
[ ] xxx-31 Pavel Douglas as French Warship Captain from "GoldenEye"
[ ] xxx-32 Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter from "Quantum of Solace"
[ ] xxx-33 Daz Crawford as Zukovsky's Henchman from "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] xxx-34 Jimmy Roussounis as Pipeline Technician from "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] xxx-35 Claude-Oliver Rudolph as Colonel Akakievich from "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] xxx-36 Daisy Beaumont as Nina from "The World Is Not Enough"
[ ] xxx-37 George Roubicek as Stromberg One Ship Captain from "The Spy Who Loved Me"
[ ] xxx-38 Jeanne Roland as Masseuse from "You Only Live Twice"
[ ] xxx-39 Christina Hui as Drax's Woman from "Moonraker"
[ ] xxx-40 Helena Ronee as Israeli Girl from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
[ ] xxx-41 Nicaise Jean-Louis as Drax's Woman from "Moonraker"
[ ] xxx-42 Alessandro Cremona as Marco Sciarra from "SPECTRE"
[ ] xxx-43 Denise Perrier as Marie from "Diamonds Are Forever"
[ ] xxx-44 Tula as Girl at Pool from "For Your Eyes Only"
[ ] xxx-45 Mark Dymond as Van Bierk from "Die Another Day"
[ ] xxx-46 Berenice Marlohe as Severine from "Skyfall" (Auto Costume Card)
[ ] xxx-47 Tank Dong as Severine's Bodyguard from "Skyfall" (Auto Costume Card)
[ ] xxx-48 Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton from "A View To A Kill" (Gold Signature)
Case Topper (1 per case)
[ ] M20a "Die Another Day" - Alternate Movie Poster - Metal Card
6-Case Incentive Autograph
[ ] Maud Adams (Octopussy) Gold Signature Autograph Card
9-Case Incentive Autograph
[ ] Christopher Lee (Scaramanga/The Man With The Golden Gun) Autograph Card
18-Case Incentive (Archive Box)
[ ] WA56 Yvonne Shima WOB autograph card
[ ] Sean Connery cut signature card
[ ] Printing Plate Set ( 4 cards ) Used to make one of the "Die Another Day" base cards
Collectors Album
"James Bond Archives Final Edition 2017" Exclusive binder
Promo Cards
[ ] P1 General Distribution
[ ] P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
[ ] P3 Binder Exclusive
[ ] No reward card